Graduates' Constituencies
Teachers' Constituencies
Old Circulars - Clarifications
  • Memo. No.502, dt.06.03.2010 -
  • Biennial/Bye-Elections to the Legislative Council - ECI Instructions
  • Memo. No.2855, dt.03.02.2011
  • G.O.Ms.No.22, dt.17.01.2011
  • Clarification with regard to "Vidwan" in Hindi Language, Dt.23.11.2010
  • ECI Guidelines - (Gradudates) 2010.
  • Qualifications deemed to be equivalent to that of a Graduate - G.O.Ms.No.536.
  • Press Note - Schedule - Procedure for enumeration for Gradudates' Constituencies.
  • Form-18 - Claim for inclusion of name in the electoral roll for a graduates’ constituency
  • Appointment of Tahsildars, MPDOs, MEOs as Designated Officers
  • Clarifications.  Dt.06.10.2010
  • Press Note - Dt.04.11.2010
  • Press Note - Extended the period for filing claims & objections in the Graduates' Constituencies
  • Circular I - (Formation of Council Electoral Rolls.).
  • Circular II - (Preparation of Council Electoral Rolls.).
  • Circular III- (Preparation of Council Electoral Rolls.)
  • Circular IV (Revision of Council Electoral rolls and Clarifications)
  • Circular V - (Revision of Council rolls & Certain Clarifications)
  • Circular VI - (Revision of Council rolls and Clarifications)
  • Circular VII (Preparation of Council Electoral Rolls)
  • Circular VIII( Council Elections-Distribution of polling material,ballot boxes,..and steps to be taken prior to commencing counting)
  • Circular IX(Conduct of Elections - Instructions issued)
  • Circular X(Election campaign by political parties and candidates- Prevention of defacement of property.)
  • Circular XI (Elections to Graduates', Teachers' Constituencies – Counting of Votes certain instructions)